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If you’re an enthusiastic worker with a passion for the outdoors, join the team of professionals at Beebe Landscape Services. When you find a job that you love, work is its own reward. At Beebe Landscape Services, we value our customers and our employees. As a full-service landscaping company, we pride ourselves on being a single point of contact landscaper for the commercial, municipal, and residential needs of our customers. As an employer, we provide our employees with an encouraging environment to grow and become part of a thriving culture. We achieve the best results through the combined efforts of each individual and reward our employees for giving their best with a thriving family culture, growth opportunities for rewarding long-term employment, and competitive pay and bonuses.

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3 Reasons You’ll Love Working at Beebe Landscape Services

Your occupation is more than a job. At Beebe Landscape Services, we work together as a team of individuals strongly committed to meeting the needs of our customers in an environment built on integrity and trust. We provide our employees with the tools, knowledge, and partnerships to get every job done right. Those who are willing to work hard will enjoy many opportunities for advancement within the company, and our pay and bonus programs are some of the most competitive in the area. If you hope to work with a team that works as hard as you do and finally be rewarded for your efforts, you’ll love the benefits of working at Beebe Landscape Services. Here’s what we have to offer our employees.

Thriving Culture

We pull weeds on our job sites and within the company. Lazy employees are a drag on resources and morale. We ensure all employees work together and do their part, which gives us a family-like culture with positive morale, built on trust and integrity. It’s our goal to see all our employees succeed. We work toward this goal by offering guidance when you’re off track, the tools and equipment you need to properly do your job, and employers who offer support every step of the way.

Collaborative Bonus Program

We promote teamwork so everyone can enjoy these competitive bonuses as a result of every job well done and an ethical and trustworthy attitude. Our collaborative bonus program includes:

  • Annual Company Bonus: When we exceed our gross margin goal, the difference is split 50% and goes to employees based on points for their position. We monitor this goal monthly, so we can let all employees know how well we are performing and any suggestions on increasing efficiency .
  • Referral Bonus: Employee referral bonus ($250 for the first referral, $300 for the second, $350 for the third, etc.) is paid after the referral has been with the company for 90 days.
  • Weekly Bonus: Employee of the week is chosen each week by our managers to receive a gift card to demonstrate our appreciation.
  • Winter Bonus: For our full time team members working during winter storms with perfect attendance you’ll receive an additional $1.00 per hour paid as a separate check after the season.

Growth Opportunities

Working a dead-end job with no room for advancement isn’t a position anyone wants to be in. At Beebe, we invest in our employees, make them part of our family, and give you plenty of incentives to stick around. Many long-time employees have been with the company for over 10 years and most of our supervisors and managers started out as entry level technicians. We offer these opportunities to help you grow in your career with our team.

  • Training and Education: We use Greenius, an online training program, to help our employees continually advance their knowledge in the landscaping industry.  In-house training utilizes a mentor-style environment for you to grow. When you choose to take part in advancing your landscaping education, we pay for the training and exams, as well as offer pay increases when you become licensed.
  • Advancement Opportunities: Offering multiple disciplines, means there is always an opportunity to learn new skills. While we utilize a lot of equipment and tools, our employees are our most important asset. We strive to offer our employees the tools and education they need to take advantage of opportunities for advancement. We prefer to promote within and provide you with the tools/skills you need to advance in a way that enhances your career and the services we provide for our customers.
East Windsor, CT Landscaping Jobs

Open Positions

As a full-service landscaping company, we often have new positions available. If you’re ready to be a member of our team, examine the positions below and select the one you think will best match your qualifications. Apply with our simple online form, and we’ll send a background check consent form and schedule your phone interview.

Irrigation Service Technician

Irrigation service technicians are required to complete spring startups of residential and commercial irrigation systems in the spring, troubleshoot and diagnose irrigation problems, and make repairs to all types of irrigation systems. Other tasks may include programming of irrigation controllers to ensure proper watering and mid-season audits with adjustments as necessary.

Landscape Construction Technician

Landscape construction technicians perform a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, planting and hardscape installations for residential, commercial, and municipal clients. The use and knowledge of commercial landscaping tools and equipment is required. 

Landscape Maintenance Technician

Landscape maintenance technicians perform a variety of tasks to keep the landscapes of our residential, commercial, and municipal customers pristine. The use of commercial landscaping tools and equipment is required.

Lawn Care Technician

Lawn care technicians are required to perform an assigned daily schedule of service visits to apply fertilizers and other treatments as necessary. Experience with both granular and liquid applications is required, as well as experience with Z-max type application equipment. Additional tasks include identification, diagnosis, and treatment of turf weeds, diseases, and insect problems.

The Benefits of Working with Us

At Beebe Landscape Services, we strive to do everything we can to provide you with a career you thrive in and a place you can grow. Every member of our team works together as an ongoing support system to offer our customers the best landscaping services available. Along with this supportive environment, company benefits for full-time workers include:

  • Health Insurance and dental insurance (we pay 50% of the employees premium)
  • Supplemental insurance available through AFLAC
  • Retirement program with 3% employer match
  • Company picnics – 4x a year
  • Company fishing trip
  • Earned time off (accrued based on time worked – every 40 hours is 1 paid hour off…max of 40 hours)
  • Paid Holidays (all major holidays, after 1 year)
  • Accrued sick/personal time (once eligibility is met) Unused time is paid out at end of the year.
  • Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Online training for safety & skills
  • Professional uniforms
  • New and well-maintained equipment and vehicles
  • Cell phones provided for leads, managers & supervisors
  • Boot truck eligibility (after 1 year we put $50 towards your boots, 5 years $150, 10+ years 100%) 
  • Orientation program – giving you a successful start
  • Annual Review with the opportunity to discuss your advancement and path forward
East Windsor, CT Landscaping Jobs

An Exciting Career Path

Many of our long time employees have been with the company for over 10 years. Our managers and supervisors have been with us for an average of 14 years. It’s our goal to provide many career advancement opportunities. For example, an employee who starts on as a maintenance technician can advance to crew supervisor then to field supervisor and onto account manager.  We strive to provide advancement opportunities that match your skill sets and career goals. 

Employee Appreciation

Join a Dedicated Company that Rewards Hard Work

If you want a landscaping career that’s more than just a job, Beebe Landscape is the place for you. We invest in our employees to build a thriving culture of hard workers who always are there to support each other. If you love the outdoors, are prepared to work hard, and would like to finally see all your hard work rewarded, examine our available positions and apply today!