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Commercial Planting Install

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Vegetable Garden Patio

Located at a senior living community, the installed patio creates a safe and enjoyable space for the residence’s  raised community garden.

Retaining/Sitting Wall

The installation of the curvilinear stone wall bordering a half moon patio space creates a welcoming and relaxing space for the building tenants. 

Backyard Patio + Fireplace DIY Currently Underway!

The proposed residential design creates a functional outdoor space that includes a granite patio, a pergola with covered dining area, a stone firepit, and plantings that make the space one.

Residential Patio Installation

Along with the installation of a 600 S.F. ledgestone patio, two natural stone walls were extended for soil stabalization, a new lawn entrance was fine grading to a gradual slope, and the site was seeded. 

Stone Wall and Planting Installation

In this project, a stone wall borders the residence’s front planting beds filled with their newly added design.

Commercial Patio + Wall Installation

At this office space, the large ledgestone patio has been created with ample gathering space, along with a stone retaining wall, and plantings to break up the space.

Residential Patio Installation Currently Underway!

Inlcuded with the installation of a 1,700 S.F., 2-tiered ledgestone patio, an ‘L’ shaped retaining wall, a set of granite steps, and a stone border around the pool held together with black steel edging, 2 sets of ‘Grand’ granite stairs cases will lead into the residence.